Black Ops 2 Apocalypse Review

Later this month, the Black Ops 2 team will release Apocalypse, an opportunity for them to pay homage to their game’s roots while also proving that they have learned from the community’s feedback. This video shows the team taking what players have asked for and using that feedback to improve the game.


The multiplayer map Pod is a post-apocalyptic, post-failure community that combines structures and “pod” housing units. It’s a solid map, but it doesn’t do much to wow the players. In fact, it feels largely safe and like filler by Infinity Ward.

Pod’s map features three lanes that cross the map and very few paths to move between them. This setup encourages teams to stick together and creates a difficult environment for flanking routes. The absence of elevated roosts in the map also makes it challenging to hide from attackers. This map favors midrange, short-range, and sniper players over long-range players.

The third DLC pack in Black Ops II features a new multiplayer map called “Ghosts.” This map was previously unavailable, but Apocalypse adds new zombies to the game. Players will be able to spawn in a different zone, so players will be able to find a new place to fight.


The map Frost is unique to Black Ops 2. It is a chilly winter city with a frozen canal that appears to be a choke point for players. The map offers great sniping opportunities as well as fast-paced gameplay. Here are a few tips for surviving Frost.

Aside from its new features, “Frost in Black Ops 2 Apocalyse” includes four new multiplayer maps for the console. While it isn’t the most innovative DLC drop, it does have some solid additions. It features the best Zombie level in the game, “Origins,” and some redone maps.

The new maps offer a lot more variety. Pod and Frost are excellent options for objective-based game modes. Pod takes place in an abandoned Taiwanese city with pod homes scattered throughout. Players can fight on these pods as well as inside larger structures. In addition, players can play Frost as the last game mode.

Those looking for a new challenge can try the game’s multiplayer mode. Players can play in teams of up to four players on one map. Multiplayer maps can be played either in competitive or friendly modes. In addition, the game offers a unique zombie mode map.

Takeoff map

The Takeoff map is a remake of Stadium from Call of Duty Black Ops, and is included in the Apocalypse downloadable content pack. The new map looks almost identical to the original stadium, but is much bigger than the original. While the redesign is nice, it doesn’t make Takeoff a particularly noteworthy map.

The Takeoff map is set on a launching pad in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Originally named Stadium from Black Ops’ first DLC, the map is a fast-paced, tight-quarters map with tight corners. It also features a rocket that’s ready to launch, accompanied by smoke that extends out into the ocean.

The Takeoff map encourages players to take on multiple roles to take down the enemy. For snipers, the AN-94 assault rifle is the best weapon, since it offers two access points and a hybrid scope. Assaulters should keep the firefight alive by making use of the central corridor and fountain area. Shotguns and SMGs can be effective in flanking.

Besides the new multiplayer maps, Black Ops 2 Apocalypalypse also introduces a new co-op zombie adventure called Origins. This mode is expected to help players score higher. It will also allow them to use new weapons such as Wonder Weapons.


In the first part of the game, you have the option to customize your character with a variety of buildables, including weapons, shields, and perks. These items make it easier to defend yourself against zombies while slaying them. There are also special items you can use that will increase your effectiveness against zombies, such as a zombie drone and a zombie shield.

Apocalypse is the fourth map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. It brings four new multiplayer maps, including the all-new Zombies map Origins. The Zombies map also includes a brand new co-op mode. The game also features more weapons and new buildables that can help you score better.

Zombies mode

The Black Ops 2 Apocalypses zombies mode offers a whole new experience. Players will be pitted against a group of human players in a multiplayer environment. While players cannot directly attack the other team, they can still affect the human opponents’ survivability, which is key to victory. The objective is to redirect the undead hordes and disable human defenses.

The new zombies mode features two new maps, Pod and Frost. Pod is set in an abandoned cliffside city in Taiwan, and features pod-like homes scattered throughout the city. Players can fight inside these pods or on larger structures. Frost is set in a frozen European city, and features a frozen canal and bridge leading to either side of the map.

In addition to the two new multiplayer maps, the Apocalypse DLC for Black Ops 2 will also include two of the previously released multiplayer maps. The first map was set in World War I-era France, and this new one will feature the original heroes from the first Zombies map. The new zombies mode will also feature an additional Wonder Weapon, a special weapon that harnesses the powers of the supernatural world.

Zombies in Black Ops 2 Apocalypses mode revolves around a group of four players. They are able to play as the protagonist or antagonist, depending on which path they choose. There are also four new characters that can be encountered. The antagonists of the game are Dr. Edward Richtofen, an evil announcer, and Dr. Ludvig Maxis, a scientist. In each mode, players can choose to help one of them or the other.

As the zombies grow in size, players must be careful and make sure that their bullets hit as many zombies as possible. This way, they will use less ammo per kill. The emergency gun is also a useful weapon in non-mule kick maps. By following these basic tips, players can burn through rounds and earn points while avoiding panicking when they’re down.

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