Buying Xbox Live Gold CD Keys

Buying Xbox Live Gold membership codes is an affordable way to get a 12-month subscription to the Xbox Live service. These codes can be purchased at almost any major retailer. However, before you purchase them, be sure that the codes you are purchasing will work in your country. Microsoft also offers sales on Xbox Live Gold memberships during certain periods of the year.


Xbox Live Gold is a premium membership service that allows you to play Xbox games online for a subscription fee. The cost of an Xbox Live Gold subscription varies, but it can be as low as $30 per month. However, you can also save a considerable amount of money by purchasing a 12-month subscription. This is the best option if you’re looking for an affordable way to play Xbox games online.

Xbox Live Gold is available for purchase for a fee, but you can sign up for a free trial. This is usually included when you purchase a new Xbox console. During peak shopping seasons, you can also get a free trial of the service bundled with peripherals and games. Previously, Microsoft had planned to raise the price of Xbox Live Gold but retracted this move within a day of announcing it. Microsoft has not increased the price of the service since January 2021.


Xbox Live Gold is no longer required for Party Chat or Looking for Group, two of the most popular multiplayer social features in the Xbox One. The introduction of Looking for Group opened up communication between all players and opened up the voice chat system that had been a mainstay of Microsoft’s gaming system. This feature allows users to look for other like-minded players and teammates. It even filters users based on the type of game they are playing and their social preferences.

Where to buy

When it comes to buying Xbox Live Gold CD keys, there are many places to look. There are online stores and physical stores that offer prepaid cards. Some stores will offer a three-month membership for a low price. This is a great option for new gamers or those who are looking for a way to save a few dollars every month.

You can also find deals on Xbox Game Pass from third parties. While Microsoft no longer sells its own Xbox Live Gold memberships directly to US gamers, there are several online retailers that can offer the membership for a discounted rate. For example, you can buy a twelve-month membership from CDKeys for less than $60, which is a substantial discount over Microsoft’s quarterly subscription fee.

Another option is to try a free trial of Xbox Live Gold. Free trials are available as a gift with the purchase of your Xbox console, but you can also get the trial with a bundle of games and peripherals. During peak shopping seasons, you can also receive Xbox Live Gold for free. Microsoft hasn’t increased the price of the subscription for the Xbox 360 since January 2021. It is a good option to get a trial of the service before you make a decision.

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