Call of Duty Ghosts Game Review

Call of Duty: Ghosts is a new shooter that follows the Star Wars formula. It is an action-packed game in which players control the good guys against the evil empire. Players assume the role of Ghosts and face challenges as they try to destroy the dreaded Death Star and its satellites. Players must also use kinetic weapons and portable missiles to defeat these advanced warships.

Call of Duty: Ghosts review

Call of Duty: Ghosts is an update to the popular Call of Duty franchise. While it still has a few of the same frustrations as the original game, Ghosts is faster and more fun. While it’s unlikely to win over any former COD expatriates, it should keep the faithful excited for at least another year.

Ghosts takes place several years after the events of Call of Duty: WWII. The survivors of the attack are now holding off the invasion of the Federation. In order to survive, they’ve formed a special guerrilla force known as The Ghosts. This group of highly-trained soldiers has to work together to defeat the Federation. They’ve recruited Logan, a brother of one of the survivors of the attack, to join their ranks.

Ghosts also showcases the PS4’s next-gen hardware. The game runs at a more impressive 60 frames per second, which makes it more immersive. The next-generation art style of Ghosts translates into more detailed environments and lighting effects. The game is best enjoyed on the PS4 or Xbox One, where 1080p resolution is available.

While Call of Duty multiplayer has always been a strong point of this series, Ghosts takes it to another level. The game’s new multiplayer system allows players to fully customize their character’s appearance. In addition to the new ability to play as a female character, players can choose a new skin color and facial design. The new leveling system also allows players to customize their characters’ loadout and build their own squad.

Call of Duty: Ghosts’ competitive multiplayer combines an addictive pace and close-quarters combat. Unlike previous games, Ghosts allows you to customize AI characters and play against them in different game modes. In addition, there’s also a new game mode called Squads. In this mode, players can choose from ten customizable characters and choose from a variety of game modes. These modes let players fight AI-controlled enemies and their squad mates.

Game modes

The game’s multiplayer system is a familiar one, but there are some tweaks to make it feel fresh. Although the overall gameplay loop is similar to Call of Duty Black Ops and Modern Warfare, you’ll be able to find a new experience in Ghosts. You can also create your own soldier, which is an exciting new feature. The game is surprisingly easy to play, even for beginners.

While Call of Duty Ghosts doesn’t have as many game modes as its predecessors, it does look great on current generation systems. There’s even a multiplayer mode called “extinction.” This mode combines two of the Call of Duty game modes and allows four players to play together. Those who enjoy teabagging can use it to get a head start on a match.

While Call of Duty Ghosts has a variety of modes, the single-player campaign is the most competitive and intense. It allows players to play solo or as a team, and there’s no time limit. There are also two other game modes, “Terrorists” and “Soldiers.” The latter is a cooperative game mode in which each player must kill all other players.

The single-player campaign is characterized by a lot of teamwork, and Ghosts is no different. While you can play solo or with up to four friends, it can be a little frustrating at times. While the game is fun, the multiplayer map is pretty limited, and it requires a season pass, which will cost you fifty dollars.

There are four game modes in Call of Duty Ghosts, and each one offers a unique challenge. The single-player campaign features a crippled nation battling against a newly-emerging global power. You can play as an allied or a hostile team.


The story of Call of Duty Ghosts takes place in a near-future where the oil-producing nations of South America form the Federation of the Americas. The Federation of the Americas quickly grows into a global superpower and invades Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Players play as Ghosts and fight for their freedom. The game includes many action-packed missions that test the player’s skills. Some missions require the player to use a portable missile to launch underwater. Another mission requires them to destroy an advanced warship’s thermal exhaust port.

The game’s storyline is very familiar to fans of the Call of Duty franchise. In this game, Ghosts are the ultimate warriors and are equipped with deadly weapons. The Ghosts’ primary objective is to destroy Federation forces. To do this, they must eliminate the other players, as well as their targets.

Ghosts is the tenth installment in the popular FPS series, developed by Infinity Ward. Originally, the game was meant to begin a new subseries, but the lackluster sales of the previous games resulted in the cancellation of that storyline. The plot is flawed, and the developers have already faced criticism for their poor execution.

The story of Ghosts continues where Modern Warfare left off, with South America becoming a major threat to the United States. The game takes place between 2027 and 2017 and features the biggest explosion in the modern Warfare series. It’s a game that anyone can play back to back with the Modern Warfare trilogy.

Create-A-Soldier system

The Create-A-Soldier system in the Call of Duty Ghosts game allows players to customize the appearance of one of their ten available soldiers. Each of these soldiers has unique unlocks, loadouts, and appearances. Each soldier also has a prestige level that players can reach by leveling them up. Once they have reached prestige, they can keep their unlocked items and can choose a new appearance for their character.

The Create-A-Soldier system is a unique addition in Call of Duty Ghosts. With the system, players can customize their soldier’s appearance, weapon loadout, and style of play. Each soldier can be assigned a particular gender, and the player can choose their headgear, uniform, and other details. There are also over 20,000 combinations available in the system, so players can customize their own soldiers however they like.

In Call of Duty Ghosts, players can choose their own soldier’s gender and physical appearance. There are over 20,000 possible combinations, and they can choose the gender, race, and appearance. In multiplayer mode, players can also choose from a variety of Perks to customize their characters.

There are also six new loadout sets for players to choose from. Each loadout set has a point value that ranges from one to five. Players can use up to eight of these points to customize their character’s gameplay. As a result, each soldier will have a different strength and weakness depending on the weapon they use. These strengths are determined by the weapons’ range, rate of fire, and accuracy, and you can change your loadouts at any point during a game. To change the loadouts, players simply bring up the options menu in-game. From there, players can choose from preset loadouts or create a custom one.

Call of Duty Ghosts also introduces a new perk system for players to use in the game. This new system allows players to unlock new abilities as they kill enemies. The perks vary in point value from one to five, so players can select either the higher-valued perks or the low-value ones. There are many perks to choose from, and most of them improve the player’s abilities. For example, On The Go allows players to reload while sprinting, while Strong Arm allows players to throw equipment farther and reduce the cook time of grenades.


Call of Duty Ghosts has introduced a new category of guns, the Marksman Rifle. This new type of rifle is positioned between the Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle and is equipped with built-in scopes. Marksman Rifles can be equipped with Iron Sights to increase their accuracy and damage output. This type of rifle is similar to the M14 in that it takes two shots to kill an opponent.

The light machine gun is an example of a gun that offers a lot of mobility and can be useful in certain situations. It takes longer to reload but is perfect for holding out pressure points and suppressing enemies. Another weapon unique to this game is the chainsaw, which is non-ADS and has a laser sight to improve accuracy and stability. It is especially useful during blitz and domination missions and in confirmed kill missions.

There are many different types of guns in Call of Duty Ghosts. One of the most popular is the AK-12 assault rifle. This weapon is a great choice for point blank kills and also comes with attachments such as a suppressor. The AK-12’s damage is high compared to submachine guns, but it is still easy to shoot enemies at a distance.

The next weapon you can equip is the VMR Sight. This new weapon attachment provides a four-times zoom, which can be used for better accuracy. Aside from that, it also improves range and damage. However, it is not recommended for use in sniper missions.

If you want to upgrade your current weapon, there are three main weapons that you can use. The MTS-255 and the Bulldog have different strengths and disadvantages. The MTS-255 are good for close range combat, but the Bulldog is the most powerful. They both deal a great deal of damage. You can buy both of them if you want to upgrade your weapon.

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